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The first Baroque residence on the Upper Rhine
Rastatt Residential Palace
View into the third story at Rastatt Residential Palace. Image: Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg, credit unknown


Baden-Württemberg is full of ghosts. The palaces and castles hide plenty of ghost stories. At Rastatt Palace, some even reach into the not-so-distant past.

Children at Rastatt Residential Palace. Image: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg, Niels Schubert

Looking for ghosts?


According to an old legend, a woman in a snow-white gown and diaphanous veil sometimes appears in Rastatt Palace at night, lit by a faint aura of light. The stony and grim gaze of her black eyes is said to haunt anyone who meets her. Her quiet appearance in rooms and hallways, in the chapel and the garden, heralds the impending death of a member of the royal family, or so the legend goes.


What's unusual about this story is that the White Lady didn't first appear in Rastatt, rather she is said to have roamed through Baden-Baden, the margraves' ancestral seat, and supposedly moved with them to the new residence in 1705. The story of the lady in gray, who haunts Hohenbaden Castle, is still told in Baden-Baden today. Legends of women in white exist in other regions as well, for example, on Turmberg hill in the Durlach district of Karlsruhe.

Aerial view of Old Hohenbaden Castle in Baden-Baden. Image: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg, Achim Mende
The Gothic gate at Old Hohenbaden Castle in Baden-Baden. Image: Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg, Steffen Hauswirth

Old Hohenbaden Castle in Baden-Baden.


In November, 2011, the GhostHunters Agency explored the palace in search of the White Lady and other ghosts. They were hoping to find out more about palace visitors' unusual observations. Perhaps there was something that couldn't be explained... With night vision cameras, motion sensors and meters, the ghost hunters searched the residence for signs of the supernatural.

View of Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm's antechamber. Image: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg, Arnim Weischer

Is the margrave's antechamber haunted?


Readings were analyzed for days. The result: According to GhostHunters, there were a few anomalies: a strange effect of the light in the ancestral hall, an activated motion sensor and some static in which a woman's voice is believed to faintly be screaming, "Get out!" Whether this was actually a ghost remains unclear. But something else spooky took place: While they were in the margrave's antechamber, two members of the team were supposedly touched by a hand!