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The first Baroque residence on the Upper Rhine
Rastatt Residential Palace
View of room where the Memorial for Freedom Movements in German History is housed. Image: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg, credit unknown


The stately Rastatt Residential Palace has much to offer. However, under its roof are two additional attractions: the Rastatt Military History Museum and the Memorial for Freedom Movements in German History.

Knight's armor, exhibit item. Image: Rastatt Military History Museum

Medieval knight's armor.


The Military History Museum has been housed in the south wing of the palace forecourt since 1956, on the site of the former library. Its collections and modern exhibition style make it one of the leading military museums in Europe. Across approximately 1,500 m2, the museum gives an overview of southwest Germany's military history between 1500 and 1918 and illustrates the link between the military and society. The large diorama, at 4 x 3.6 meters, which displays the Rastatt Confederate Fortress circa 1860 is a particular highlight.
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View of the exhibition. Image: Memorial for Freedom Movements in German History

View of the exhibition.


The Memorial for Freedom Movements in German History was established within Rastatt Palace in 1974 at the suggestion of then Federal President Gustav W. Heinemann. Drawing on historical documents, pictures, objects as well as sound and film recordings, the exhibition presents a vivid impression of Germany's difficult and brave fight for freedom, democracy and nationhood. The permanent exhibition offers a glimpse into the prologue, achievements and conclusion of the Revolution of 1848/1849. As of November 2009, it also provides information on the freedom movements in the GDR between 1949 and 1989.
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